Recent Sermons


God is with us everyday

This week Rev. Kathryn talks about how God supports us in our everyday lives. When I was on a course recently I had to do an exercise where I had to put down what I did in a typical week and which parts I tended to put off. I think we’re all guilty of putting […]


Only – a thoughtful poem

I considered my little and God said to me, “Child, what do you mean by saying, ‘only?’” It was only a word that created all that you see; It was only some clay that brought you to be. Only a staff that parted the sea; Only one man who set them all free. Only a […]


Feeding the 5,000 – caring for others

Today’s sermon focuses on the readings about how Jesus fed the 5,000. As always Rev. Kathryn has some amusing but pertinent stories to explain the concepts of giving to others. “English is a strange language and contains some strange words and phrases which must be very difficult for people learning our language. A pineapple isn’t […]